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22 years ago Marie Bowser’s healing work was directed toward healing Mother Earth. Her love for nature and strong leadership & analytical skills guided her to this calling in the role of civil and environmental engineer. In this profession she cultivated her intuitive ability to understand data and patterns, developed elegant and efficient design solutions as well as developed authentic, high-integrity relationships with her clients, project managers and colleagues. Her passion and dedication for this calling led her to approach this work with fierce enthusiasm and dedication but without balance and respect for her own health.

On her journey back to health and balance she encountered her healing tools: meditation, psychic training, creative visualization, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, qigong, and buddhist, daoist & spiritualist philosophy. For over 10 years, she has brought  these tools together in combination with her engineering skills applied to patient healing: Ability to clearly discern the patterns at play in patient health; Elegant design and tracking of treatment plans; As well as relationships with patients that are compassionate and warm while also encouraging, forthright and motivating. Marie’s unique approach effectively works to heal the body, calm the mind and align the spirit with the flow of nature and the universe.

Patients that come to Marie with simple body pain or hormonal issues find symptom relief but also feel happier, empowered and resilient. Patients suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia find themselves transformed. Her passion is for guiding patients toward letting go of beliefs that do not serve and guiding them toward a new paradigm of living.  

Do you feel called to transform your life and health? Are you ready to shed an old, outdated version of yourself? Do you feel called to tune yourself to the flow of the universe? There are many ways to experience Marie’s work.

  • Acupuncture – Relief from body pain, emotional pain and hormonal imbalances

  • Transformational Wellness – Move past anxiety, depression, emotional trauma and old ways of being

  • Intentional Wellness – Transform yourself through classes, retreats & lifestyle guidance