21-Day Cleanse


A “cleanse” is a catch-all description for removing something from your diet. A simple example of this is, let’s say someone knows they  have trouble with sugar. It’s causing them to experience fatigue, bloating and weight gain. The person goes on a “sugar cleanse” in order to experience the positive effects of not eating sugar (which can vary person to person).

Inflammation can cause a variety of problems in the body. Pain and swelling are very common inflammation symptoms but inflammation also has a role in many chronic diseases. For example, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis (and other types of irritable bowel disease), skin issues like eczema and multiple sclerosis are inflammation-related. My patients who are dealing with these chronic conditions respond well to “cleansing” the offending foods from their diet to allow the body to “calm down”.

Many of my patients do a “cleanse” once or twice a year because they’re noticing extra belly bloating due to a sustained period of “unhealthy” eating. Often this is after a vacation, a stressful period at work or “the holidays”. While weight loss is not a promised goal of doing a cleanse patients often do lose a few pounds and if not pounds, inches.

Often when patients participate in a cleanse they notice:  decreased pain, decreased swelling, decreased bloating, decreased belly inches, decreased weight, decreased sugar cravings, improved mood, improved mental clarity, improved focus and improved energy.

The cleanse that I offer through my practice involves eating solid food rather than juicing. My preference is that your body remain well nourished and that it continue to have the experience of eating in a healthy way rather than in an unsustainable way. Juice cleanses have their place but only for very short periods of time and only in cases where digestion is strong since juicing for long periods can weaken digestive fire.

My 21-day cleanse does also involve removing the common culprits that cause inflammation, chronic pain and resistant chronic illness from the diet. It also involves eating high quality, pesticide-free, non-processed, whole foods that are filling and tasty. The cleanse is supplement-supported including herbs for supporting the organs of detoxification and digestion, protein powder for shakes (to prevent off-menu snack attacks) and fiber to help eliminate toxins from the body. Meal plans, recipes and daily support emails make it feel easy.

The cleanse is $350, including supplements, protein powder, fiber powder, an initial consultation, an acupuncture visit during the cleanse to support your body in it’s job of detoxification and a follow up consultation.

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