First Visit & Rates

Marie Bowser AcupunctureYour first visit with Marie will be during a 20-minute phone call where Marie will hear your health history, ask clarifying questions, get your questions answered and confirm that your case is a good fit for acupuncture and working with Marie. A detailed health history form is an important tool in helping to facilitate this conversation.  Before your first visit, please download the MBA New Patient Questionnaire & Agreements 2016  Once you have downloaded the form:

  • Fill it out electronically
  • Save it with your name in the title
  • Email the completed form to
  • Please allow adequate time to thoughtfully complete this this form that will support our work together!

The first in-office visit will involve collecting additional data, including an assessment of your pulse and tongue, bod pain locations, range of motion and pain levels. The first visit will include an acupuncture treatment. Depending on your condition you may be prescribed a nutrition and lifestyle homework an herbal formula or supplements. The more you are willing to and diligent about incorporating the sooner you can expect results.

Your first in-office visit will last 60-minutes and follow up visits will last approximately 60 minutes. Please make sure you park at locations on the street that allow for longer than 90 minute parking.

Some important office policies to keep in mind:


  • Since we are NOT a high-volume doctor’s or dentist’s office, Marie has a 48 hour cancellation policy. This gives us enough time to fill an appointment slot. Marie cannot bill insurance if you do not come in for an appointment. You will be charged a late cancellation fee if you do not reschedule before 48 hours.
  • Due to the holistic nature of this medicine and the time required in interview to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan, patients arriving more than 15 minutes late to their appointment cannot be treated. Marie cannot bill insurance if you do not come in for an appointment. Arriving late is the same as a late cancellation which involves being charged a late cancellation fee.
  • Please do not brush your tongue the day of the visit.  The tongue coating, thickness and color are all important in arriving at your diagnosis and designing an appropriate treatment strategy.
  • Make sure that you have had something to eat within the hour or two before the appointment.
  • Wear comfortable clothes to the appointment that allow access to elbows, knees and other affected areas.

Ratesacupunture relaxation room

  • New Patient Interview Call with First In-Office Visit  $150
  • Return Patient Visit $100
  • Late Cancellation Fee $100
  • Herbal Formulas $12-$25/wk
  • Supplements:  Typically as quoted on the Designs For Health E-Store