Transformational Acupuncture

Transformational Acupuncture is an integrative system based in acupuncture and the five elements that helps to heal your life.

Life Balance From A Five Element Perspective

Life Balance From A Five Element Perspective

  • Do you feel unsatisfied with or uninspired by some aspect of your life?
  • Is there a story that you have regarding why you aren’t happy or struggle to initiate a project or life change?
  • Do you feel like you can’t let go of past relationships to move forward with more fulfilling ones?
  • Is there a traumatic life event, or events, small or large, that get in the way of you fully stepping into your power?
  • Is it difficult for you to gracefully and confidently step INTO or OUT OF a role such as parent or do you struggle to gracefully and confidently step into a new decade of life?
Finding balance in your life supports transformation.

Finding balance in your life supports transformation.

Did you know that different organs and acupuncture meridians in the body are associated with specific life scenarios and difficulties? What if I told you that you could shift these difficulties and experiences by bringing balance to your health and life and by clearing blockages in the body where old emotional patterns, outdated information and trauma are stored?

Transformational Acupuncture is an integrative system that helps to bring balance to your body and to align your body, mind and spirit with the natural flow of nature and the universe. In this series of treatments we utilize the powerful energy of acupuncture to place the body, mind and spirit in a more receptive place. We then harness that receptivity with energy work, visualization techniques and other practices to pro-actively work through blocks to growth then align your spirit and your actions and to move you toward a new paradigm of existence.

Testimonial: Transformational Acupuncture has allowed me to feel an incredible sense of groundedness and power in my life. I also benefit from an overwhelming sense of self-acceptance that I have never experienced before. This has helped me tremendously to make the shifts I had intended for myself. – Entrepreneur and Mother

What Can I Expect? 

Mindfulness Is An Important Tool In Creating Transformation

Mindfulness Is An Important Tool In Creating Transformation

During visits, while in a state of acupuncture rest you are supported in the room with guided visualization and energy work.

The first 90-minute visit is an information gathering session, where the details of your concerns are unearthed, and together we look at your current life, health, issues and struggles. Based on this information, a Life Balance Analysis, A Transformational Acupuncture Treatment Plan and Transformational Action Plan are created for you. We will complete the session with an acupuncture treatment designed to align your intentions with the work we are setting out to do.

The subsequent 60-minute sessions continue to draw upon the intelligent energy of the body with acupuncture, guided visualization and and energy work. You will have the opportunity to commit to the Transformational Acupuncture process by making shifts in your life through habit awareness, mindfulness activities, meditation, journaling and lifestyle modification.

Visit frequency and number of visits vary by person and depend on a variety of factors such as constitutional health, presence of traumas and the effort that each person makes outside of the sessions. Typically, 8 biweekly visits is an ideal treatment plan and frequency to allow integration of new information and perspectives. Depending on your progress, and need, we may decide to schedule additional or more frequent visits.